Magnesium is an essential mineral required for extensive use in the body! It is used to regulate more than 300 reactions that keep our body working properly. The majority of our magnesium stores are found in our bones. As we get magnesium from our food, most people become deficient in this element. Depleted magnesium levels in our water & food, and an imbalance of nutrients in various foods that we consume, have left most of us highly-deficient in Magnesium.

If eating clean, largely organic whole foods isn’t within your budget, an alternate to taking a magnesium supplement (which can irritate the gut and give you a laxative effect) is to bathe in Magnesium Chloride..

Magnesium Chloride is a naturally occurring mineral found in the ground, made up of magnesium and Chloride, being a protein builder for your joints. Whilst referred to as a salt, it actually isn’t. It is just referred to as such as it has an appearance that is very similar. Studies have shown that both Magnesium and Sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin, which makes soaking or floating and ideal way to top up your magnesium levels.

As there are a large number of Magnesium Salts available on the market, the key is ensuring that you buy naturally produced, not synthetic salts. Natural salts might cost you a little bit more, but the difference is huge!

BENEFITS OF AMAGNESIUM SALT BATH There are a number of benefits to adding these salts to your bath. Take a look at why:

#1 RESTORE MAGNESIUM LEVELS As magnesium is readily absorbed through the skin, into the muscles and blood stream, soaking or floating is an ideal way to top up your levels and promote relaxation.

#2 EASE STRESS Not only is taking some time out for yourself ideal for stress relief, the added benefit that magnesiumhas to offer is enormous! Magnesium helps produce serotonin which is a mood elevating chemical found in the brain, it also boosts energy with the assistance in production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

#3 RELIEVE MUSCULAR CRAMPS Incorporating Magnesium into your bath will help mitigate inflammation, relieve muscular soreness and most importantly assist in minimising painful muscular cramps. The magnesium acts a muscle relaxant further contributing to stress reduction by relieving muscular tension

#4 HEART HEALTH Magnesium has long been known to improve heart health and help in preventing heart disease and strokes

. It does so by improving circulation and keeping arteries elastic.

#5 FOOT HEALTH If you do not have access or ability to have a full bath, there is nothing like soaking feet at the end of a long day! Theupside is there are some little known benefits to soaking feet in the managing of symptoms of Athletes foot, removing splinters from feet, treating toenail fungus and easing any pain produced by gout.

#6 RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Magnesium has long been used as a remedy to help relieve constipation. Most of the minerals that Magnesium Salts contain can be absorbed by our body and will reach the blood stream. When you are constipated, taking a Magnesium Salt bath can help ease stubborn bowels. These salts can be mixed with water and consumed internally also, but please consult a professional to guide you through this.

#7 INEXPENSIVE MANI-PEDI MagnesiumSalt can easily be mixed up with water, not only to soak tired hands and feet but also to scrub dead skin off

#8 IMPROVE YOUR FACIAL Gently mix some magnesium into your regular skin cleanser to create a gentle scrub that will help exfoliate skin cells and remove blackheads.

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