Beta Quartz is a high energy quartz of living and breathing energy. It helps us live completely and fully. It is also a very powerful manifestation stone. Beta Quartz is also extremely good for bringing high energy and life to crystal healing, and to all types of physical and emotional healing. It also has the energies of clear quartz.

In addition to the Quartz properties, Beta Quartz Crystal has been used for both dowsing and divining, providing clear directional information and responding to "all" questions. It has been used in de-coding/encoding of patterns from dreams and visions, assisting in clear channels of communication from both the higher-self and the inner self. It tends to bring theenergies of systematic intuition. It represents the height of mental achievement, facilitates a limitless range of avenues for exploration.

Beta Quartz is known as a DNA crystal for re-tuning the DNA. It has been used extensively in the treatment of violent and/or highly infective dis-ease, as well as by ohers who are working with those affected in order to provide protection from the afflectation. It has been used in the treatment of tumors, bone structure and composition, cell formation, and prevention and repair of RNA/DNA damage.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Astrological: Virgo

Beta Quartz Crystal

Beta Quartz Crystal
Safety Recall Notification
We would like to assure all our customers that the recall notice which has been published for Lumiere Himalayan Salt Lamps DOES NOT relate in any way to our products.

The recall is for Lumiere lamps sold in USA with faulty dimmer switches on leads with US plugs None of our CrystalGeode lamps are sold with dimmer switches, and the leads are all fused with a UK 3 Pin Plug which gives added protection.

All our products have a certificate of Authenticity and comply to all British Safety standards.
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