Magnesium salts (technically called Magnesium Chloride), is the compound you find in all Magnesium supplements and it has a different molecular structure than Epsom salts. The molecular structure of Magnesium Chloride is much more easily absorbed into t he body than that of Epsom salt. So while both are wonderful, I find the effects of Magnesium Chloride much more intense. Magnesium salt typically comes from seawater and are often offered to those with severe deficiencies. Magnesium Chloride can also be used as an emergency medication for a heart attack in some situations! In comparison to Epsom Salts, Magnesium chloride is not recommended to be ingested.

What does Magnesium do? Magnesium is a central building block for life on earth. It’s the organising atom in chlorophyll, converting sunlight to energy in plants. In the human body magnesium is present in over 300 enzyme systems, regulating blood pressure, synthesising proteins, and monitoring muscle and nerve functions. It’s everywhere! By incorporating Magnesium into your everyday health routine you may experience alleviation of all kinds of ailments including chronic pain, insomnia, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Why topical magnesium is better? The health benefits of Magnesium Chloride may be utilised to their fullest potential when absorbed through the skin. While Magnesium supplements can be taken orally, their bioavailability is extremely diminished by their contact with stomach acids and digestive enzymes. Magnesium can work faster when applied topically, as it can be absorbed almost instantly without having to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach.

Whether you’ve been on your feet all day, had a crazy day at the office, or both, these magnesium flakes in a hot soak will relieve tension, (mental and physical) and give your body the extra boost it needs to stay strong.

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