New Jade Tumblestone 20 – 25mm


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New Jade Tumblestone.  Alternatives: Chinese Serpentine, Antigorite, Bowenite

New Jade is said to be  helpful for correcting emotional imbalances and in turn encourages you to feel more in control of your life.

It is a good stone to use during psychic development exercises as it is said to encourage the development of psychic abilities.  It is also said to be useful in meditations that are based on past life retrieval, and finding lost memories from this life.

In physical healing new jade is believed to have cleansing and detoxifying properties. A great stone to use for hangovers-place a (cleansed) piece on your forehead or rub your temples with it.

Jade assists you in connecting to your inner self – the Divine within.  It brings you joy, love, prosperity and abundance.

Used as a protector, it also brings in an appreciation and openness to beauty and serenity.  Jade provides clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.  It is the stone of peace, bringing serenity to your mind by releasing negative thoughts.  It’s a stone of balance and healing, and alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions.  Jade assists in seeing the truth in all situations.

Place it under your pillow to aid in dream recall.  It helps in the creation of your dreams into reality and helps you to put things into perspective, remain calm under pressure and detach yourself from surrounding drama.

Chakras: Base, Earth Star, Heart, Link, Sacral

Astrological sign: Gemini, Cancer, Libra

Tumblestones bring to you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones, which are usually difficult to appreciate in their natural state. Tumbling, a long process of smoothing and polishing, reveals the wonderful colour and form of these natural treasures that are so often hidden deep in the earth.

For thousands of years, stones have been polished to reveal their beauty and have always been associated with spiritual and healing properties. Tumblestones are perfect as healing stones, easy to carry with you or to offer as a crystal gift for those who could benefit from them. A stone not only for the esoteric enthusiast but for the crystal collector as well, these tumbled stones are an inexpensive way to develop a large and attractive collection.

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1, 5, 10



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New Jade




Tumbled and Polished Stones




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